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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
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2022 Social Events

    Swim and Dive Team Meet and Greet:

    • Sunday 5/15 2:00-4:00 -- Come the the pool and meet the coaches and parent reps for swim and dive teams.

    Swim and Dive Team Psych Nights:

    • 6/17 OGC Spirit Night - 6:00-7:00 decorate the pool for home swim and dive meets. Swim & Dive parent volunteers needed.   
    • 7/1 Stars and Stripes- 6:00-7:00pm decorate the pool in a patriotic theme. Swim & Dive parent volunteers needed.
    • 7/8 Tropical Island Warriors- 6:00-7:00pm embrace your inner warrior. Swim & Dive parent volunteers needed.
    • 7/22 Divisionals Prom Night 6:00-7:00pm dress up and groove with DJ Caroline. Swim & Dive parent volunteers needed.

    Swim and Dive Team Key Events:

    • Pasta Dinner- Friday, 6/24 5pm start time. Stay tuned for more info. Thank you to parent volunteers Michelle Di Vito, Maureen Wilson, and Mary Dunmire:)
      • Team picture is planned the same night. Thank you Rex Garcia-Hidalgo and Gwen McWhorter for taking the photos!
    • 4th of July Fun Practice - Monday, July 4 7:30am before the pool opens to membership. Thank you Lynne Koenig for bringing donuts and coffee:)
      • If you are in town and haven't seen this event, prepare to be amazed.  The only time your child will ever be told to run on deck....
    • Team Breakfast - Friday, July 22 after morning practice. Thank you swim and dive parent volunteer Erin Bonderenko:)  We still need another parent volunteer.
      • The kids love this one, and so do our longtime volunteers....
    • Team Banquet at Rock Creek Mansion- Monday, July 25 evening. Thank you swim parent volunteers Rex Garcia-Hidalgo, Jen Ryan, Kelli Forbes, and Hang Yuan. We still need dive parent volunteers to help with jobs like decorating, organizing the potluck sign-up, creating a senior table, making a video montage, setting-up, and cleaning-up.
      • Be ready for potluck, the traditional awards, DJ Caroline and dancing...
    • Kings Dominion Trip- Tuesday 7/26 stay tuned for more details. Thank you Rex Garcia-Hidalgo!
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Dive Meets 2022

June 18- Mock Meet @OGC 1:30-3:00

June 19- @OGC versus Seven Locks

June 26- @OGC versus Merrimack Park

July 3 - @Tanterra

July 10-@ Rock Creek

July 17 - @OGC versus Glenwood

July 24 -Divisional Meet 8 AM

July 27 (12 and under) - All Stars 3 PM

July 8 (13 to 18) All Stars 3 PM

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